Updated: Aug 9, 2020

I realize this is a place for me to sell my art.. but I also want to be able to connect with you all on a personal level... I want you to know the person behind the art.. therefore I guess it is a kind of blog as well! No one may ever read this and that is okay but in case you do... hope you don't get bored. HAHA :)

I contemplated this past Sunday on whether I should work on my art or take a mental health day and head to the beach... Ventura Beach to be exact. Ventura is my "happy place". A place where my soul gets recharged and allows me to think again. I am sure you all have a place like that.. where is it? What is it like?

Shere photo of ventura beach.
Upside down view!

Anyway, Ventura won and I found myself sitting on the warm sand; listening to the waves crash on the shore. I smiled to myself as I watched the kids play in the sand and was in awe as I observed the pelicans soar overhead and the sand pipers race the waves. While sitting there I couldn't help but think that life really is a circle. A few years ago, I sat on this same beach for what I thought was the last time, feeling excited over what the future was going to hold for me. I was moving to the east coast and while I was sad to leave California; I was thrilled for the new adventures I knew I would have. Some of those adventures did take place but the road led me right back to this place.. this same spot.

Sand Piper looking for dinner.
Looking for dinner

While both coasts are beautiful in their own right... I couldn't help but compare the two.

When I visited the shore there was always a lot of people; this made for great "people watching"... I swam in the warm waters of the Atlantic and ate water ice from Rita's... I stayed in the 50 style motels there and visited the Victorian homes (absolutely beautiful!!)

You will never see me swimming in the cold waters of the Pacific! The temperature aside, my son's fish here and you would be amazed at what is swimming so close to shore!! ( thanks, I like all 10 of my toes! lol). The beaches I visit in Cali aren't as crowded as they are at the "shore" but it is still great for people watching. And although there is no Rita's or water ice, they do have some wonderful ice cream!

After a full day of sun and sand and with my soul recharged I headed for home...

Sunset at ventura beach.
Me... Debbie England
Hi There!

I am again excited over what the future holds...

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