Car Decal

Well another week has gone by and the weather has cooled... slightly. I was able to get outside last evening and clean my window and apply my window decal. OBVIOUSLY, I need to take a class in decal applying as it could be a tad straighter and maybe a little more center (although this now leaves me room to add my beloved turtle decal... I am a sucker for sea turtles! haha). I don't think it looks half bad and have requested my friend who made the decal to make a few more (my sister and son agreed to put one on their cars as well)... Soooo.. here is the decal... what do you all think?

I think he did an excellent job on it! Yes, my logo is more of a coral pink and white but I think the red on the windows (as well as my baseball cap) pop a little more then a pink would.

Love it!

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